How Do You Reduce Dishwasher Noise?


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According to DoItYourself, noise from the dishwasher can be reduced by leveling the dishwasher, installing insulation and loading the dishes properly. However, using these methods will only reduce and not totally eliminate the noise.

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DoItYourself explains that it is important to check the level of the dishwasher because the noise created must be related to the lack of balance of the machinery. Dishwashers normally have feet that can be adjusted until the equipment is level.

Installing insulation involves adding insulating sheets and foam around the equipment. These things can serve as a soundproofing system for the cabinet of the dishwasher and help minimize the noise while the equipment is running.

Lastly, load the dishes in a way that is described in the instruction manual. Automatic dishwashers require a specific arrangement of dishes and utensils, and failing to follow may be the cause of the noise. If the utensils and dishes are not loaded in a specific manner, the force from the water sprays may cause them to be blown around. When these items bounce off the top or wind up at the bottom of the dishwasher, loud noises may be produced and mechanical failures may arise.

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