Why Is the Redstone Black Electric Stove With Heater a Popular Appliance?

The RedStone black electric stove with heater is popular for its aesthetic appeal, high heat output and relatively high energy efficiency. The stove is available from Tractor Supply Co. and costs less than $100 as of 2015.

The RedStone black electric stove with heater covers 400 square feet of room space and features a heat output of 4,600 BTU per hour. The unit weighs just under 20 pounds for easy installation and movement around the home, and it is designed for indoor use. The stove uses forced-air heating and includes a blower for efficient heat dispersion. The black metal construction features a classic design made to fit a diverse range of home styles, and the mock flames flicker behind an operable glass door. Homeowners can utilize the mechanical controls to turn the flames on with or without heat to enjoy the stove's ambiance in all seasons.

User reviews on the Tractor Supply Co. website are generally positive, yielding an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Some reviewers praise the stove's heating ability and attractive appearance, while others mention that the heater runs quietly. However, several reviewers report negative outcomes, such as the heater breaking after one season or failing to heat a room adequately.