How Do I Redo My Formica Countertops?

How Do I Redo My Formica Countertops?

To redo Formica counters by staining them, mask and sand the Formica, apply primer, stain the Formica, and seal it. The supplies you need for this overnight project are gloves, masking tape, drop cloths, rubbing alcohol, rags, stain, hardener, primer, a paint roller, sponges and sealant.

  1. Mask and sand the Formica

    Mask the perimeter of the Formica with masking tape, and spread drop cloths over the floor and nearby surfaces. Sand the Formica with 220-grit sandpaper, and then wipe it with a rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.

  2. Apply primer

    Put on rubber gloves, cover the Formica with primer, and let it dry for one hour. Apply a second coat, and give it 45 minutes to dry.

  3. Stain the Formica

    Read the instructions on the epoxy stain container. Combine the stain and hardener accordingly. Apply the stain with a sponge, working from one end of the counter to the opposite end. Let the stain dry for an hour, and then sponge on a second coat.

  4. Apply food-safe sealant

    Apply one coat of clear food-safe sealant, and let it cure overnight. The following morning, test an inconspicuous area to verify that the sealant is dry, and then peel away the masking tape.