What Red Shrubs Are Recommended for Landscaping?


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Red shrubs such as ornamental peach, Japanese maple and ninebark add a spot of color when placed against a green backdrop in landscaping. The ornamental peach has deep red leaves throughout the growing season.

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The shrub produces pink blossoms that first appear in April and bears edible fruit during the summer season. The ornamental peach prefers a sunny location and acidic, moist soil.

Japanese maple, such as the Red Select variety, presents pale red leaves in the spring that turn darker in the summer and vibrant crimson in the fall. This shrub generally grows to a height of 4 to 6 feet in a 10-year time span and is ideal for areas with ponds, rock gardens or patios.

Ninebark has red foliage that turns green-gold in the fall. The shrub produces clusters of pink and white flowers beginning in May. This shrub thrives in a sunny location and requires soil that is well-drained. Mature bushes feature a bark that peels to reveal brown and red colors on the inner bark underneath.

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