How Do Recycling Centers Recycle Mattresses?


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Mattress recycling centers takes the mattress apart to recover the wood, steel, cotton fiber and filling materials. Most mattress recyclers ask for a small fee to take each mattress. This amount varies, depending on the company and whether or not a home pickup is requested.

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Beds take up a lot of space in landfills for their relatively lightweight, yet they contain many reusable materials. Rather than dumping a mattress in the trash, a good alternative is to look for a recycling center. These centers take old mattresses apart for their base materials.

The recycling centers can usually recover up to 90 to 99 percent of the material in the mattress. They take the wood to turn into wood chips for fuel. The steel is sold to companies that melt it down for reuse. The cotton and foam are usually shredded and sold to companies that make insulation and carpet padding. Anything unusable is sent onto the local landfill or incinerator. The leftovers from recycling are much less compared to the original mattress.

Most mattress recyclers make money from the sale of the recovered materials found in each mattress. They also earn income by charging a small fee for picking up or taking in old mattresses that people no longer want.

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