How Do You Recycle Yard Debris?


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To recycle yard debris, use a mower without a collection bag to allow the grass clippings to compost on the ground and feed the living grass, collect bush clippings, weeds and leaves into a composting bin, and dry out cut branches for use as kindling or firewood. If your city participates in organic recycling with a green bin, place approved materials into the bin for collection.

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Use a large metal trash can with several holes punched into the bottom, and add about 3 inches of soil, 3 inches of organic kitchen scraps, leaves and grass clippings. Leave the lid on the trash can, and add layers of organic food and yard debris until it is full. Place the can in an area that gets a little sunlight everyday, but keep it close to a garden hose to moisten it every few days. Do not place the can near a tree's root system. After three months of decomposition, the compost is ready to be used to feed the garden or plants around your yard.

In cities or counties that use green bins for organic recycling materials, the bins are collected according to the schedule your city dictates, and the materials are taken to a facility to be ground into mulch. Accepted materials include leaves, grass clippings, small branches, plant trimmings and weeds. Do not place food waste, wood ash, soil, pots or hoses into the bin. Be careful not to place rocks, palm fronds or animal waste into the bin, either. Consult your county or city waste management office for complete program details or to ask about particular material restrictions.

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