How Do You Recover Patio Cushions?


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Recovering patio cushions begins with assessing the damage on your patio furniture cushions. The second step is measuring the destroyed part and choosing the right replacement material. To choose the right material, consider its durability and matching of colors. Finally, measure and saw the selected material accordingly to attain a perfect finish.

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  1. Assess the damage

    Recovering your patio cushions depends on the extent of the damage on the cushion. Survey the damage to help you choose the appropriate corrective measure. The ironing method is a quick and effective way of repairing your patio cushion.

  2. Measure the damaged part, and obtain new material

    Get the measurements of your cushion using a measuring tape. Buy sturdy material to use on the patio cushions. The material must go well with your décor and other interior colors. Match the colors of the material you want to use for repair with those of other chairs in your house. Using jeans is preferable because it can be removed and washed easily, and it lasts for a long time.

  3. Saw the damaged part

    After getting the right material and measurements, start sawing the cushions. When cutting the material, add two inches on both sides to create an allowance for covering the damaged part well. Pin the three sides together and ensure the right sides are facing each other. Leave the fourth side open to create room for slipping in the cushion. Flip the cushion clothes inside out to add your cushion.

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