What Is a Recommended Way to Remove Dye Transfer From Laundry?

One way to remove dye transfer from laundry is to remove the garment that caused the transfer and rewash the clothes with a non-chlorine bleach and laundry detergent. If the clothes have already dried or the transfer does not come off after re-washing, soak the clothes in a bleach solution.

To soak the clothes in bleach, mix together oxygen-based bleach and water according to the directions on the bleach container. Let the clothes soak for at least eight hours, and repeat the process if the stains remain. If bleach is not safe to use with certain garments, soak these garments in hot water mixed with green tea. Let them soak in the mixture for 15 minutes. Remove the clothes from the solution, apply salt to the stain, and let them sit for 15 more minutes.