What Are the Recommended Maintenance Procedures for a Navien Boiler?


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Some of the recommended maintenance procedures for a Navien boiler include performing annual service, bleeding the radiators and turning the heat on regularly. The specific maintenance procedures depend on the particular model of Navien boiler.

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Boilers should be inspected by a qualified engineer once every year, even when there are no obvious problems with the appliance. The best time to conduct the inspection is in September in anticipation of the winter months. This ensures that the boiler can handle the stress of continual usage. The service includes checking all the parts and cleaning the components.

Boiler owners are advised to switch their boiler on every so often during the summer months. The appliance should be left running for at least 15 minutes. This is to keep the boiler in good working condition and ensure that it does not seize up because it is left dormant.

Finally, appliance owners should bleed the radiator at least once a year. This is done to get rid of air trapped in the system, which happens because the boiler is cooler at the bottom than at the top. To bleed the radiator, appliance owners should turn the radiator key a quarter of a rotation in the anticlockwise direction. A hissing sound indicates that the air is escaping. The pressure may need to be topped up after bleeding.

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