What Are Some Recommended Kinds of Propane Soldering Torches?


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Some recommended kinds of propane soldering torches include the Smith Little Torch, MECO Midget Torch and the Hoke Torch, according to GemSociety.org. These torches are commonly used for making jewelry.

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Propane torches are a good choice for those who want a hot flame for melting and soldering various kinds of metals including platinum. They are easy to identify as they each use two gases, propane and oxygen, to create a flame. Users will note the two gas lines leading to the tip of the torch. For instance, the Smith Little Torch has a flame that heats up to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It does work with natural gas, acetylene, hydrogen or propane and oxygen, but propane is the recommended gas.

A MECO Midget Torch is another option that uses propane, natural gas and oxygen. Professional jewelry makers can also use the number three tip on this torch for metal casting.

The Hoke Torch is used in jewelry-making workshops and has a flame that burns very hot. It burns using acetylene, natural gas, propane and oxygen. The Hoke is a less expensive option compared to the MECO Midget Torch, but it is considered more difficult to use because the gas valves are located on the side rather than the top.

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