What Is the Best Recliner to Sit in While You Are Sleeping?

Recliners that are well-cushioned and have an area for the feet to rest can be a great choice for falling asleep in. A popular recliner brand is La-Z-Boy. Other recliners that provide ample head, neck and foot support can be found at furniture stores and large retail stores.

Many people enjoy falling asleep on recliners while watching TV or reading a book. Some recliners have a foot support area that flips out from underneath using a lever or by leaning back in the chair. Recliners can last for years, so it can be helpful to take time and find the right recliner for the space. Recliners come in a variety of materials, such as leather or durable fabric. Some recliners can ease aches and pains, especially from arthritis. Recliners with back-massage features may also be a good choice.