What Are Some Free Recipes for Making Crackle Paint?


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Some free recipes for making crackle paint include the use of a mixture of school glue and dishwashing liquid and a mixture of hide glue and water. Both recipes act as the crackle medium, which causes the layer painted on top of it to crack.

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These free recipes for crackle paint follow the same procedure used with commercial crackle medium. First, a bottom layer of paint is applied and allowed to dry. Next, crackle medium is applied and followed with the top paint layer in a different color. The only difference is that the free recipes use glue in place of commercial crackle medium. Hide glue, which is used in furniture construction, comes in powder form and has to be mixed with water. School glue, on the other hand, can be used by itself or combined with a bit of dishwashing liquid for easier application.

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