What Is a Recipe for Homemade Waterbed Conditioner?

A recipe for a homemade water bed conditioner is available at the Do It Yourself home improvement information website. The recipe requires only two ingredients: half a cup of sodium thiosulphate or sodium hydroxymethane sulphonate and 6 cups of distilled water. A quarter cup of conditioner is required for every 100 gallons of water in the water bed.

Water beds require regular conditioning to prevent the growth of harmful molds, algae and bacteria. Water bed conditioner can extend the life of the water bed by preserving its materials. Regular conditioning is usually applied every 6 months, but one commercial formulation by Blue Magic claims to last up to a year.

A water bed is a water-filled mattress that can be slept on like a regular bed. These mattresses use electricity to keep them heated. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid heating the mattress above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as there have been links between high temperatures and miscarriages. Additionally, an infant should never sleep on a water bed since the mattress is much softer than a foam or spring bed, raising the risk for suffocation.

Water beds were initially used as medicinal devices that prevented bed sores, and they later helped soothe arthritis and rheumatism.