What Is a Recipe for Homemade Glass Cleaner?


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A recipe for homemade glass cleaner calls for 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and one quart of water in a container large enough to hold them. Another recipe calls for one part white vinegar and one part warm water. This solution can go in a designated spray bottle.

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Another homemade glass cleaner uses 1 cup of alcohol, 1 cup of warm water and a tablespoon of white vinegar. This solution should also go in a designated spray bottle. This means you should never put anything but the glass cleaning solution in this spray bottle, and you should be sure to label it.

One more homemade glass cleaner is effective on both indoor and outdoor glass and can easily cut through grease, dirt and grime. This cleaner consists of 1/2 cup of sudsy ammonia, 1 pint of alcohol and a teaspoon of the homemaker's favorite clear dish soap. Add warm water to the mixture to make a gallon of glass cleaning solution.

The best materials to use to wash glass, especially window glass, are a lint-free cloth or crumpled-up newspaper. This prevents streaking. Another tip is to wash one side of the window using vertical strokes and the other side using horizontal strokes. This lets the cleaner know which side of the window needs more attention.

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