How Do You Rebuild a Pool Pump Motor?


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To rebuild a pool pump motor, remove the pump from the pool, pry off the motor from the pump, dismantle the motor, replace the old motor parts with new parts, and put back together the motor. Be sure to clean off motor parts before reassembly.

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Start by switching off the pump, disconnect the main power supply, and remove the pump. Detach the pump from the pool's filter, bloat dry the pump, and unscrew the mechanical seal with a nut driver to access the pump motor.

Put the motor on a flat area, unfasten the through bolts on the side of the motor to remove the wet end, unscrew the cap that holds the impeller in place, and pry them out. To remove the front end bell, insert a flathead srewdriver between the end bell and motor housing, and slightly tap the head of the screwdriver with a hammer. Pry off the shaft. Place a flathead screwdriver between the motor housing and rear end bell, and tap the screwdriver to free the end bell.

After disassembling the motor, apply a carburetor cleaner on a rag and clean off internal motor parts. Replace old or damaged motor parts with new parts. Apply some bearing grease to the spacer, put the spacer in the middle of the rear end bell, and put the end bell and shaft back into the housing. Insert the front end bell into the shaft. Reinstall the impeller and wet end with new through bolts, and snap back the mechanical seal.

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