How Are Some Reasons That a Whirlpool Washer Will Not Spin?


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Typical causes of a Whirlpool washer not spinning include clothing caught between the tub and liner, a bad drive belt or electrical problems. If the machine does not spin, it does not wring the water from the wash or rinse cycles.

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In some models of Whirlpool washers, clothes sometimes work their way between the tub and liner. If the item is visible, removing it should allow the machine to spin correctly again. If the machine spins, but the clothes remain wet and heavy, kinks in the drain hose are a likely cause.

While some Whirlpool machines use direct drive, others use belts. If the belt is worn or broken, the motor is unable to spin the basket to remove the excess water from the wash. The machine also has a transmission that adjusts pulleys to engage the belts. A faulty transmission that does not switch when directed by the machine timer prevents spinning.

Whirlpool installs a lid interlock switch that prevents the machine from spinning with the lid open. These switches sometimes break away from the outer housing of the machine, so they do not engage. Switches also develop faults due to wear. As of 2015, new lid switches stop both agitation and spinning, but with older models, the switch only stops the spin cycle.

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