What Are the Reasons Why a Maytag Washer Is Not Spinning?

If a Maytag washer does not spin, possible problems include a defective lid switch, drive belt or drive pulley. While troubleshooting the lid switch requires a mulitmeter, the owner is able to diagnose belt or pulley problems with a visual inspection.

The lid switch is a safety device that prevents the machine from spinning when the lid is open. As of 2015, lid switches on top loading machines use a braking system to stop the spin cycle immediately upon opening the lid. Maytag uses two different forms of lid switch: one opens the circuit when the lid is open, and the second closes the circuit with an open lid. If the switch is operating properly, the mulitmeter shows infinite resistance in one position and zero resistance in the other.

Drive belts wear and stretch over time. If the belt is worn, broken or stretched beyond the machine's ability to adjust the tension automatically, it slips when the machine moves into the higher speed spin cycle. The slipping belt does not turn the drum and clothes remain wet. Broken, damaged or stretched belts require replacement.

Drive pulleys are usually made of aluminum or plastic and wear over time. Sometimes the pulley breaks away from the drive shaft. Replacing the pulley solves this problem.