What Are the Reasons Why a Maytag Performa Dryer Does Not Start?

A Maytag Performa dryer is an electronic appliance with many potential reasons for not starting, but one of the most common is a defective door switch. It is located behind the dryer's front panel with a small button protruding into the opening, according to PartSelect. When the button is depressed and multimeter terminals are connected to the switch terminals labeled "C" and "ON," the meter should read 0.

The start switch increases the power to the motor to overcome initial resistance to start the drum turning. If this switch is bad, the appliance does not start. Testing the switch for continuity using the multimeter with the dryer unplugged from the power supply allows an owner to isolate the problem.

If the dryer makes a humming noise but does not start, the problem is likely a defective motor. This motor turns the drum to tumble the clothing. Interlocks in the wiring prevent the heating element or flames from starting if the drum does not turn. Checking for a defective motor requires electrical power, so this test requires the services of qualified personnel.

If the dryer overheats, it often melts a thermal fuse to prevent fire. This fuse interrupts power to the drive motor. The appliance does not make any noise when activated if the fuse is blown. A multimeter allows testing of the fuse with the appliance disconnected from power.