What Are Reasons to Buy an Amish Heater?


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The primary benefit of an Amish heater is the attractive appearance of the wood mantel and realistic-looking flame. Otherwise, it is fairly similar in terms of heating output and electrical usage when compared to other similarly sized space heaters.

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The heater itself is not actually made by the Amish, who tend not to use electricity. Instead, it is made in China by a company called Heat Surge. The Amish craftsmen are carpenters who make the wood mantel, which is part of what gives the heater its attractive appearance. The heater is a 1500-watt space heater and gives off about the same amount of heat as other 1500-watt heaters that are much less expensive.

However, the Amish heater has a patented technology that mimics flames in order to provide a realistic experience in homes that do not have fireplaces. The heaters come with the mantels and only need to be unpacked and plugged in to use them. Electric fireplaces are safer than real fireplaces, and efficiently heat the room in which they are located. Unlike some other types of space heaters, the external surfaces remain relatively cool when in use, so they may be safer for homes with children or pets. They are also priced comparably to other electric fireplaces, but have the added benefit of being handmade and providing jobs to Amish people.

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