What Are Some Ready-Mix Concrete Suppliers?


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Retailers that sell ready-to-mix concrete to consumers for home improvement include Home Depot and Lowe's. Cemex supplies ready-mix concrete to companies in the construction industry. Readymix concrete is commonly used to create sidewalks, pathways, driveways and home foundations. Concrete mixes sold by suppliers are made of a combination of cement mixed with water and other binding materials. Retailers usually sell ready mixes in 60- and 80-pound bags, and they're usable after adding water.

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Working with ready-mix concrete is relatively easy, and the number of bags to purchase depends on the scope of the project. To use, simply pour the ready mix into a large container such as a wheelbarrow, add water, and stir to mix well. The keys to getting the mixture to the right consistency for application are adding a measured amount of water and not using a hose. For the best results, mix the concrete for a few minutes using a garden hoe, and wait for it to achieve a good consistency. Add more water a little at a time to avoid a soupy mixture.

Soupy concrete is 50 percent weaker than properly mixed concrete and prone to cracking, so it's important to be patient when mixing. Wear protective gear such as a dust mask, goggles and heavy gloves while working with ready-mix concrete.

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