How Do You Read a Torque Conversion Table?

To read a torque conversion table, match the appropriate categories with their corresponding sections, such as the relationship between Newton meters and inch pounds. In addition to reading manual charts and matching the values yourself, there are some websites, such as and, that provide calculators that take care of the conversions for you.

The measurement of torque is determined by the fundamental law of levers, and the numerical values of torque determine various factors in vehicle operation and mechanical engineering. The principle behind torque itself is used to determine how much an object rotates based on the degree of force acting on that object.

There is a direct relationship between the horsepower output of a vehicle and the torque specifications on that vehicle. There are torque peaks that all vehicles have based on their mechanical specifications, which results in getting the most horsepower out of each vehicle. The relationship between torque and horsepower is rarely constant, which means that minor adjustments to both the horsepower and the torque can result in changes in either. Because engines do not produce maximum torque at all engine speeds, you need to measure carefully to determine the best output according to your system's specifications.