How Do You Read a Solar Meter?


Read a solar meter by consulting the digital register indicator and the LED display arrow. The arrow indicates whether the solar power site is consuming or exporting energy, and the numbers in the digital register indicate net values of energy consumed or exported.

Meters for solar or renewable energy record the total net amount of electricity used or exported by the power site. To determine whether you are using or exporting energy, consult the LED display. If the boxes in the display light up from left to right with an arrow pointing to the right, the site is consuming power. If the reverse is true and the arrow points to the left, the site is generating power back to the company.

While solar meters vary by utility company, most are bi-directional. This means that they measure the amount of energy that is being consumed and the amount of energy being generated to record the total net amount of electricity used or exported. Up to six registers can determine this value. On most meters, you can read these registers in the digital register indicator in the top left corner of the meter read-out window.

The most commonly-used registers for net-metering are registers 14 and 24. Register 14 indicates the total energy the site consumes, and register 24 indicates the net energy the site generates. The site consumes most of the energy it generates, so the reading for register 24 only increments if the site is producing more energy than it is using.