How Do You Read a Pool Pump Diagram?

How Do You Read a Pool Pump Diagram?

The method for reading a pool pump diagram depends on the pool pump. Usually, the parts of a pool pump diagram are clearly labeled, making reading the diagram easy.

Pool pump diagrams are useful because they show how the water circulates from the pump to the rest of the pool. They can help with pool plumbing renovations and pump repairs. Reading one simply requires finding the inlet for the water, usually the skimmer, and tracing it along the pump.

A general pump diagram shows the equipment located above the ground. As seen in the diagram, pool water enters the skimmers and flows into the pool drain. From there, it goes into the check valve and into the filter pump. The filter pump cleans the water, sends it through the filter and into the heater, if one is present. Then the water flows into one more check valve before reentering the pool.

Pools with other features such as a spa or chemical feeders will have schematics that look completely different. These schematics have additional components, such as a jet pump or spa drain, that are not present in regular pool plumbing systems.

Find specific pool pump diagrams by looking at the documentation included with the new pump or researching the specific pump model online.