How Do You Read a Peerless Boiler Serial Number?


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Read a Peerless boiler serial number by determining the style, date and sequence number. The process takes approximately five minutes and requires access to the boiler.

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  1. Determine the serial number style

    Read the characters and number sequence to determine which style the serial number is listed in. In the first style, Peerless uses 12 digits separated by a hyphen. In the second style, it uses 10 digits with a hyphen after the sixth digit. The third style includes six digits with no hyphen.

  2. Determine the date

    In the first style, the first four digits after the hyphen represent the year, and the last two digits represent the month. In the second style, the first two digits after the hyphen represent the month, and the last two digits represent the year. For the third style, contact Peerless to determine the date.

  3. Identify the sequence number

    Find the sequence number by identifying the digits included in the serial number that are not part of the date.

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