How Do You Read the Information on a Digital Electric Meter?


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Read and interpret the information on a digital electric meter by locating the blinking digital wheel, determining the Kilowatt hour rating (written on the meter as Kh and a number, such as Kh1.0), then using a stopwatch to time the digital segments going on or off, states Efundies.com. Once this information is obtained, apply the following formula to determine the amount of power being used: (3.6 x Kh value) / seconds measured = kilowatts used.

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Most digital electric meters use a Kh value of 1, so if measuring the interval of digital segments yields a result of three seconds, this means that 1.2 kilowatts are being used, according to Efundies.com. The blinking digital wheel usually has more than one blinking dot, so timing the wrong one can result in false readings. This can be tested by turning off power to all appliances except one whose power usage is already known, such as a microwave oven, which typically uses around 1000 watts. If a blinking digital wheel segment is timed and the formula is applied, but the result is 15,000 or 100 watts, then another blinking segment should be timed and the formula re-applied. By turning off the breakers to all major appliances except one, this method is used to determine the power being used by each.

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