How Do You Read a Frigidaire Wiring Diagram?


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First, learn what the symbols on the wiring diagram mean. Straight lines on a wiring diagram typically represent the wires; these are marked with color indicators, if applicable. Identify the symbols for coils and the fan motors. Coil symbols look like a bumpy line; motors appear as a series of connected circles. A Frigidaire refrigerator wiring diagram uses abbreviations to indicate different parts of the schematic, including the water filter, water tubing connector and ice bucket assembly.

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Locate the wiring diagram for your Frigidaire appliance on either the back or bottom, or request one from the manufacturer. The most common type of wiring diagram for Frigidaire appliances is a ladder diagram. The main lines in this kind of diagram are marked L1, L2 and N. A diagram for a Frigidaire refrigerator that only has L1 and N lines indicate a 110-volt circuit.

Fuses are represented by slightly slanting lines along the straight-line wires. In Frigidaire model #FRS26KF6EMB, there are fuses within the units for fresh food control and freezer control. There is also a fuse between the ice maker and the dispenser assembly. Locate switches in the circuit by finding openings marked with a single slanting line; these symbols look a bit like an open door. Frigidaire refrigerators have switches that operate lights inside the appliance, including the freezer light and main fridge light.

Motors are represented by coiled lines. There are several motors on Frigidaire refrigerator wiring schematics, including those for the fans, valves, damper motor and ice door dispenser. Check to see if any internal switches are connected to motors on your Frigidaire appliance. If there are colored wires in your diagram, learn the color code for the appliance. White wires denote neutral wires; red or black wires carry current at full voltage.

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