How Do You Read a Diagram of a Well Pump System?


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To read a diagram of a well pump system, locate the two main components: the pump and the storage tank. Locate the pipes that connect the tank to the pump and the pump to the well. At the point where the top of the well meets the surface, locate the well seal. Many pump diagrams also have one or more expanded sections that show the interior pump components, including the pressure switch, the O ring and the controls.

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Diagrams of well pump systems vary based on the pump style. A simple single-drop jet pump includes one pipe that runs from the pump into the well. At the bottom of the pipe, the diagram shows the location of the foot valve relevant to the bottom of the well.

A diagram of a double-drop jet pump shows two pipes running from the pump to the well. Instead of a foot valve, the diagram shows a two-pipe jet assembly. In both systems, the pump is located above ground on the diagram.

In a diagram of a submersible pump, the pump is located inside the well at the bottom of the pipe. Below the pump, the diagram should show a motor. Partially between the pump and the well seal, the diagram shows the pipe that runs to the storage tank. Submersible well pump diagrams also show the location of the above-ground pump controls.

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