How Do You Read a Crane Load Chart?


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To read a crane load chart, first determine the weight of the load the crane has to lift. Next, calculate the distance the load needs to move. Measure this distance starting from the center pin of the crane to the center of the load.

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On the crane load chart, find the line for this measured distance, and follow it to find the crane’s largest capacity. The measurements of a crane’s capacity are in feet and shows how far the crane’s boom needs to extend to move your load over the specified distance.

The lift range diagram on the crane load chart shows you how far the boom needs to extend to raise a load to a given height. Use both the horizontal distance the load moves across and the vertical distance it ascends to find the required boom measurement.

A crane load chart also displays the crane’s maximum lift when luffing or fixed jibs are in use. Luffing jibs allow you to change the lifting angle, while fixed jibs do not. In case of luffing jibs the maximum load capacity of a crane decreases as the lifting angle increases. To find the boom required for a crane to lift and carry a load, consult the crane in motion part of the loading chart.

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