How Do You Read a Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram?


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A ceiling fan wiring diagram displays the light switch, fan switch and ceiling fan box. These three components are connected by three types of wires running from the power box: the line represented in black, the neutral wire in gray, and the ground wire in green. An additional power wire running from the light switch to the fan is represented in red.

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Starting at the power box, the black line feeds through a splitter that connects it to both the light and fan switches. It then runs from the fan switch to the ceiling fan box. Similarly, the green ground wire runs from the power box through a splitter that connects the light and fan switch. Additionally, it also runs straight from the power box to the ceiling fan box. The gray neutral wire is not split and instead feeds straight from the power box to the ceiling fan box.

The ceiling fan box, also called the ceiling outlet box, must be mounted on the ceiling prior to installing a fan. To do so, anchor it to a support brace, connect necessary wires, cut a hole in a ceiling tile or sheet of drywall to allow easy access, and apply that tile or drywall to the ceiling. Mount the fan's ceiling plate and any downrods or trim to extend the fan's reach to the desired length. Then the fan may be installed.

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