How Do You Read a Briggs-Stratton Engine Diagram?


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Briggs-Stratton engine diagrams number each part of the engine. When ordering replacement parts via a catalog or the Internet, the number on the diagram correlates with the order number.

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Briggs-Stratton engines have been constantly improving since 1953, when the company began installing aluminum engines in lawn mowers. The Easy-Spin Startling engine was introduced in 1961 as a welcome alternative to hard-to-start mowers. Its popularity lasted until 1982, when a federal ruling passed stating that cutting blades must stop spinning no more than three seconds after the handle was released. After tweaks were made to comply with the ruling, the Easy-Spin remained popular until the line was removed from the shelves in 1997 for the inability to meet emission regulations.

The company produced the first gasoline and electric hybrid engine in 1980. It moved beyond lawn mower engine production and began to manufacture engines for industrial use. These engines continue to provide high-quality service and feature powerful air cleaners, specialized exhaust valves, cast iron bores on each cylinder, and advanced bearings.

Wisconsin-based Briggs and Stratton got its start in 1908. The company continues to manufacture about 10 million gasoline engines per year, not only in Wisconsin, but in its plants in Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and New York.

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