How Do You Read an Ariens Parts Diagram?


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To read an Ariens parts diagram, compare the diagram to your device. Locate the part you need on the diagram, and follow the line from the part drawing to the number. Find the number in the parts list that accompanies the diagram. If you are looking at a diagram on the Ariens PartsRadar website, look for words printed on the diagram that indicate wire colors and the location of wire harnesses.

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Ariens parts diagrams use an exploded-view design that shows each part individually and explain how parts fit together. Dash/dot lines show connections between parts. If the line runs from the tip of a screw through the hole of a washer, it indicates that the screw slips into the washer. Most Ariens diagrams break a larger part system into smaller components, which are then separated into individual parts. Larger lines between components explain how they fit together in the system.

The dash/dot lines also explain the order of assembly. A part that has a line coming from only one side is the last in the sequence.

The parts list that goes along with an Ariens diagram also provides information about the diagram. Next to the part name, a number indicates the part quantity for the diagrammed system.

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