How Do You Re-Purpose an Old Wooden Sled?


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One way to re-purpose an old wooden sled is to hang it above a cooking range in to create a hanging rack for pots and pans. A wooden sled can also be re-purposed into a shelf or table.

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To make a hanging rack for pots and pans from an old wooden sled, find a ceiling joist above the cooking range and screw in strong eye-hooks. Pre-drilling is recommended to avoid damage to the ceiling finish. Use four to six pieces of chain or rope to hang the sled from the hooks. It should hang at a safe distance from the range, but low enough so that pots and pans can be easily accessed. Place S-hooks over the side rails and hang the cookware from them.

To make a shelf, secure the deck side of the sled to a wall. If they are deep enough, existing rails can be used for shelves. If not, attach pieces of shelving with screws or nails and triangle brackets. Wood and brackets added for shelving can be aged using vinegar and steel wool. Set a wooden sled in a living area for use as a table for decor items. The wood can be sanded and painted or left alone. It is important to make sure the deck of the sled is strong enough to hold any items that will be placed on it. If not, existing slats can be reinforced or replaced.

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