How Do You Re-Ink a Self-Inking Stamp?

All self-inking stamps either have a tray that must be refilled by pushing down slightly on the stamp and pulling out the tray, or the casing of the stamp must be removed which exposes ports or dishes that can be refilled. Self-inking stamps typically can only be refilled with compatible company-specific ink, as mixing in a different formula could cause damage to the stamp.

Self-inking stamps are a very convenient way to repeatedly and quickly stamp a logo or design onto paper. The stamps typically have a sponge that holds ink, and a stamp that rotates from the sponge to the paper and back up to the sponge to get more ink as the stamp is pushed down and then released. These stamps can be ordered with custom logos or signatures from companies, such as 2000 Plus, Maxlight, and XStamper.

Each brand of stamp has a different way to refill the ink once it starts to run out. For most brands, the handle must be compressed slightly to reveal a tray that can be pulled out and refilled. For other brands, the cap or casing of the stamp can be taken off to reveal cartridges or dishes that can be replaced or refilled.