What Is a Rational Combi Oven?


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The Rational combi oven, also known as a combi steamer, is a multipurpose cooking appliance used in professional settings in the food service industry, such as restaurants, catering operations and hotels. It has three cooking modes: steam, dry heat convection and combined hot steam.

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The steam cooking mode of the Rational combi steamer generates temperatures of 86 to 266 degrees Fahrenheit, which is produced by a steam generator that is dispersed by a fan wheel. It is suitable for cooking vegetables, fish and potatoes, leaving food moist but not crispy.

In contrast, the convection mode of the combi oven has a variable maximum humidity option and a temperature range of 86 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. At the upper temperatures, it can pan-fry, roast or braise dishes such as steaks, side dishes like pizza or roasted potatoes as well as grilled products.

The combined steam mode merges the properties of the other two, creating a hot steam environment of 86 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and a variable exact humidity from 0 to 100 percent. This mode is ideal for roasting, cooking meats such as poultry and fish and making baked goods. The combined steam mode ensures that food is not dried out while cooking.

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