What Is the Best-Rated Central Vacuum?

The top-rated central vacuum cleaner systems as of April 2015 are the Dust Care DC-2000C and the Hoover Platinum Central Vacuum system, as reported by vacuum cleaner review site Vacuum Top. Both these central vacuum systems are rated five out of five in the site's reviews.

The Dust Care DC-2000C is considered an excellent choice for a first central vacuum cleaner system or a replacement for most homes. It is capable of cleaning up to a 9,000-square foot home using a 3-horsepower motor that produces only 71 decibels of sound during operation. The DC-2000C is backed by a seven-year warranty and is competitively priced when compared to most other central vacuum systems.

The Hoover Platinum Central Vacuum system is not an inexpensive choice, but it is a powerful and durable choice that integrates a filtration system to help remove allergens and particulate matter from the home more efficiently. The high-power motor makes cleaning large spaces more efficient, and the Hoover's 6-gallon canister capacity means fewer trips to dump the canister as compared to other central vacuum systems. The reliability and reputation of Hoover products also means that installing a Platinum Central Vacuum can often increase the resale value of a home.