How Do You Raplace a Water Hose Spigot?

How Do You Raplace a Water Hose Spigot?

Replace a water hose spigot by shutting off the water using the main water shutoff valve. Then, allow the water to drain from the spigot and remove the spigot with adjustable pliers. Clean the pipe threads and tighten the new spigot by hand before using the pliers to finish the job.

Install a new outdoor spigot when the old one leaks or when it is time to upgrade to a more efficient model. Replacing a spigot only takes a few minutes and anyone can do it by following the steps below.

  1. Turn off the water
  2. Find the main water shutoff valve and turn off the water. Fit an adjustable wrench against the valve, hold it steady while inserting a screwdriver in the hole in the wrench handle and turn it 90 degrees.

  3. Allow the water to drain
  4. After shutting off the water, open the spigot and allow the water to drain completely.

  5. Remove the old spigot
  6. Grab the pipe below the spigot with a pair of adjustable pliers and hold it in place while using a pipe wrench to unscrew the spigot from the pipe.

  7. Clean the pipe threads
  8. Thoroughly clean the pipe threads with a stiff wire brush.

  9. Wrap the pipe threads
  10. Using plumber's tape, wrap the pipe threads by starting at the base and working up.

  11. Screw on the new spigot
  12. Screw on the new spigot and tighten it by hand. Wrap the spigot in a towel and tighten it completely using adjustable pliers.