How Is a Range Hood Light Switch Repaired?


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A faulty range hood light switch is repaired by getting replaced with a new switch. Before repairing the switch, shut off the power to the range hood or switch off the circuit breaker.

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After shutting off the power source, the light bulb cover and light bulb are removed to provide access to the control cover. The repairman removes the control panel using a screwdriver and disconnects the wires connected to the switch. At this point, he pops off or pries out the light switch on the control panel by pushing on the part of the switch from behind into which the wires were connected. He then purchases a new switch from a supply store that matches the old switch.

After removing the switch from the packaging, he places it correctly in the control panel The back of the switch should have joints into which the wires connect. He snaps the switch into place and reattaches the wires, making sure to put them in the correct order that they were in when unattached. He replaces the control cover and adds the screws. Then he puts the light bulb back and snaps the cover back into place. Only once this is all done does he turn the power back on.

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