How Is a Range Hood Fan Installed?


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A range hood is installed by preparing the hood, mounting it and attaching the wires. The process of installing a hood is simple, but it can require additional hands and a few tools.

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Before installing a range hood, one should check to see if it is the appropriate height above the cooking area. The standard height is anywhere between 24 to 30 inches. It is also important to check that the wiring comes out to at least 12 inches in length. Once the height is determined, figure out which venting configuration your home has. Most range hood fans can accommodate both the cabinet or wall venting configuration.

Once everything has been prepared, mount the hood on screws or a wooden block to keep it sturdy. Align the hood's opening with the ductwork. It is important to get the hood in the best position possible before fully mounting it.

The final step is to thread the wiring from the wall or cabinet into the hole in the back of the hood. The fan has black and white wires that are connected to the corresponding wires from the wall or cabinet via wire nuts. In some instances there is a green wire, which should be attached to a green ground screw. After the wiring process is complete, securely mount the hood, tighten the screws and turn it on to ensure that it is working properly.

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