How Do I Rake Leaves the Easy Way?


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To rake leaves the easy way, keep the lawn mowed and the grass short and even. Rake the leaves downhill if possible, and form several small piles instead of one large pile.

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  1. Mow the lawn

    It’s difficult to rake leaves through tall, thick grass. Mow your lawn, and maintain the grass at a height of 2 to 3 inches. You can also reduce the quantity of leaves to rake by mowing some of the leaves, and allowing them to remain on the lawn, acting as compost for the grass, plants and trees.

  2. Rake downhill

    Use slopes to your advantage and rake the leaves downhill. As you accumulate more leaves and the pile you are raking grows heavier, gravity helps you pull the leaves down the slope. On windy days, rake in the direction of the wind to avoid fighting against the wind and losing your neat piles of leaves.

  3. Form several small piles of leaves

    If you try to rake all of the leaves into one big pile, you have to work harder to move the leaves all the way across the yard to that pile. Rake leaves into several smaller piles to reduce the effort required and make raking leaves much easier.

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