What Is a Radon Fan?


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A radon fan is a device designed to exhaust radon gas and keep it from accumulating in the home. This fan helps to release the gas into the atmosphere harmlessly.

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Radon fans keep radon from accumulating in the home by creating negative pressure beneath the home's foundation and releasing it into the atmosphere. Radon is a dangerous gas that is odorless, tasteless and colorless. Radon was recognized as a public health hazard in 1980 and it is known to cause lung cancer if inhaled over time. This gas has the highest concentration in the lower levels of a building.

Testing for radon is simple and inexpensive. The test is hung in a building's lowest level for approximately seven days. After seven days, the test is sent to a laboratory for analysis. If radon is detected, a radon fan can be installed in the crawl space or other lowest point in the home.

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