What Are Some Raccoon Trapping Tips?


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To trap a raccoon, place the trap in an area the animal frequently visits, and use a bait, such as marshmallows, to lure the raccoon. Check local regulations before trapping and relocating any animal.

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What Are Some Raccoon Trapping Tips?
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If trapping is legal in the area, opt for a cage that is at least 12 inches in height and width and 24 inches in length. The trap should be slightly hidden, such as under a bush or in a stand of tall grass, and in an area where the raccoon cannot reach out and grab nearby objects. Raccoons may shred any object within reach, including underground wires. Traps that are placed on the roof should be bolted down. If possible, place the bolts where the raccoon cannot reach to prevent injury to those removing the cage.

If baby raccoons are present, gently place them in the trap first; the mother then typically enters the trap willingly. Many raccoons enter attics or other protected spaces to birth young, requiring homeowners to check the area thoroughly before relocating the animals. When using a lure, choose fruit, vegetables or sweets to prevent unwanted animals, such as cats, from entering the trap. Animals should be removed within 24 hours to prevent unintended deaths caused by a lack of food and water. Relocate the animals at least 10 miles from the home in a heavily wooded area, or take the animals to an approved relocation center.

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