What Are Some Rabbit Hutch Designs?


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Some designs for rabbit hutches include raised hutches on stilts, low hutches with doors to runs or yards, and indoor hutches. Most hutches are constructed of wood and wire, although depending on habitat, some may be constructed of wire only. Many other factors contribute to choosing a style of hutch.

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What Are Some Rabbit Hutch Designs?
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Perhaps the biggest determining factor in rabbit hutch design is whether the rabbits will be housed inside or outside. For instance, in addition to offering large adult rabbits sufficient room and giving owners the means to segregate them if necessary, indoor hutches must have proper ventilation and be easy to clean, with a tray or trap to catch droppings. Indoor hutches can be as simple as a wire enclosure or as elaborate and attractive as dolls’ houses.

Outdoor hutches have further considerations. For instance, if there’s a chance that neighborhood cats may wander near the hutch, it’s more comforting for the rabbits for the hutch to be well off the ground. Building a hutch on stilts also helps keep rabbits dry during storms. Building a raised hutch with a wire bottom and a chute also makes it easy to remove droppings from the cage and makes composting easier. In addition to these considerations, outdoor hutches built low to the ground must have sturdy latches to keep intruders out.

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