How Does the Rabbit Corkscrew Work?

The Rabbit Corkscrew works through a combination of pressure grips, a lever and a screw block. These components are used to insert the corkscrew, or worm, into the wine cork and retract it with minimal effort.

After placing the Rabbit Corkscrew on the neck of the wine bottle, both grips extending from the Rabbit should be firmly squeezed while operating the lever to drive the worm into the cork. The grips extend from the main body of the Rabbit and look like ears on a rabbit, giving the device its name. While squeezing the ears, rotate the lever on top of the device downward to insert the worm into the cork. As the worm is forced downward, it travels through a screw block, or a piece that has an opening in the shape of the corkscrew. This block allows the worm to rotate, thereby twisting its way into the cork. Gripping the ears harder against the neck of the wine bottle locks the screw block into place, restricting the rotation of the worm. As the large lever is pulled up, the screw block pulls the worm up, and with it, the cork.

To extract the cork from the corkscrew, remove the Rabbit from the wine bottle and rotate the lever into the down position, as if driving the worm into a cork. Then, gripping the ears firmly, pull back on the lever to pull the worm from the cork. The absence of the wine bottle allows the worm to rotate through the screw block and wind its way out of the cork.