What Are Some of the Quietest Gas Furnaces One Can Buy?


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Some of the quietest gas furnaces on the market as of 2015 include the Lennox Signature SL280V, the Carrier Infinity 80 and the Trane XC95 Communicating Gas Furnace. The wrong size duct system can contribute to a noisy furnace.

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The Lennox Signature SL280V is reliable and cost effective. It is a good choice for saving fuel and uses some of the best technology available for quiet operation. The model comes with two-stage operation and a variable speed motor that enhance efficiency and performance respectively. The unit also has smart ignition and enhanced humidity control.

The Carrier Infinity 80 is affordable and energy efficient. The unit uses an internal humidifier to keep the indoor climate as comfortable as possible and features a variable speed blower. This is a good choice for warmer climates where homes do not need to be heated often throughout the year.

The Trane XC95 Communicating Gas Furnace is especially fuel efficient and is a high-performance unit. The system optimizes performance and functionality through its integrated communication system that coordinates all the HVAC components. The heating and cooling systems can also be adjusted remotely through a mobile device. The unit has an easy to use interface that displays critical performance data. The unit also incorporates new technology to make the furnace especially quiet during operation.

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