What Are Some Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Options?


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Some quiet vacuum cleaner options are the Miel S 7210 Twist, Electrolux UltraSilencer DeepClean EL 7060 and the Eureka Easy Clean 71B. There are also quiet robot vacuum cleaner options, such as the LG Hom-Bot Square LrV790R and the Roomba 760.

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The Miel S 7210 Twist vacuum cleaner is an upright model that operates at a sound level comparable to a television set to a moderate volume. Miel also manufactures the S2121 Olympus upright vacuum cleaner; this model operates at about 64 decibels, which is on the lower end of the spectrum for upright vacuum cleaners. Both Miel vacuums have exceptional cleaning power and large canister capacities.

The Electrolux DeepClean vacuum model operates at around 61 decibels, but is slightly more expensive than the Miel Twist model. ConsumerReports.org chose to not rate the DeepClean as highly because of the vacuum's tendency to malfunction based on brand-reliability surveys.

The Eureka Easy Clean is a handheld vacuum cleaner that is significantly cheaper than other upright and canister models. The Eureka Easy Clean is also considerably more quiet than the Miel and Electrolux models, according to Consumer Reports. The downside to the Eureka handheld vacuum is that it has less cleaning power and canister capacity than larger vacuum models.

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