How Do QuickDraw Tape Measures Work?


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QuickDraw tape measures use a steel roller wheel and graphite cartridge to transfer pencil marks onto the measured work surface. The roller spins perpendicular to the tape blade, delivering the graphite downward, making it available to mark and measure the work surface using only one hand.

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QuickDraw tape measures combine a standard 25-foot tape measure with a miniature, mechanical pencil-like attachment that allows users to mark work surfaces without the use of a second hand or a separate pencil. The refillable cartridge allows for 1,000 pencil marks before needing to be replaced. The cartridge features 0.9 millimeter 4D graphite, which never needs sharpening, but is instead replaced by pressing a red switch on the side of the tape measure when required.

QuickDrawChallenge.com claims that reloading the cartridge only takes six seconds, the built-in pencil is more accurate than a handheld pencil, and the built-in indicator eliminates the parallax effect, making it the most accurate tape measure in the world. The tape hook is contractor grade, with three rivets on a steel lock plate. The company claims that these features make it the strongest tape hook in the industry. The blade, featuring an 8-foot stand-out, is coated with nylon for extra durability.

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