What Are Some Quick Ways to Grow Grass?


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Grass seed needs ample moisture to sprout, grow and thrive. A prepared soil bed can help grow grass faster. Testing and adjusting the pH of the soil can help grass take up valuable nutrients more readily. If soil pH is outside of the range of 6.0-7.0 pH, then it requires adjustment. Many experts believe 6.5 is the ideal pH for optimum grass growth.

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Compacted soil discourages grass from growing. Growing native grasses suited to the geographical region improves the lawn or field's growth rate. For large area that require quick cover, land owners might consider calling a hydroseeding company to spread grass seed for them. A hydroseeder distributes grass seed more evenly than spreading by hand and makes the most efficient use of the grass seed.

Adequate fertilization of the grass in the fall of the year encourages grass growth. A lawn mower that mulches grass clippings and returns them to the ground allows more nutrients to stay in an area and reduces the amount of fertilizer required for optimal growth. Watering grass when it sprouts and is still very short makes it grow more quickly. Land owners should avoid planting grass seed during very dry spells for best results.

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