What Questions Should You Ask Before Purchasing Used Water Heaters?


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When buying a used water heater one should ask the seller about aspects such as the heater's condition, the type of fuel it uses and if it is still under warranty. It is important to be informed because most states do not offer buyers protection when purchasing from private sellers.

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Whenever one buys a used appliance such as a water heater, it is imperative to do as much research as possible before even looking at used listings. The individual should know exactly what type of water she wants for her home so that she can narrow down results to only include that model. For example, if a buyer decides that she wants a tankless electric water heater based on her research, she can filter results on auction sites and classifieds sites to only include those models. Having a specific type of heater in mind means that the buyer can look up facts about new versions of that type of heater to use as a benchmark against the used model.

Finding out if the used water heater is under warranty is also important because it can mean substantial savings in the event of a problem. Warranty information can always be confirmed directly with the manufacturer.

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