What Are Some Qualities to Look for in Paving Contractors?

What Are Some Qualities to Look for in Paving Contractors?

When hiring a paving contractor, look at his reputation and training. Be sure he is professional and can easily address any concerns regarding the job.

A contractor's reputation is one of the most important aspects of his career, so make sure the contractor or company has a good reputation. Research the company as thoroughly as possible and ask for references.

Ask the contractor about his training. Ask him about his experience working on specific kinds of projects. A well-trained contractor should provide good answers in a knowledgeable way.

A good contractor will be professional, meaning he will dress in a professional manner and have all the right tools. Professionalism also translates into punctuality and being able to address any problems or concerns the homeowner has.

When choosing a contractor, have at least two put in bids for the job. Get the estimates in writing and find out if the price is negotiable. Hire a contractor who is insured and bonded, especially if the work will costs more than $500. A bond protects the home or business owner against a breach of contract by the contractor and any good paving contractor should already carry adequate insurance.

Always use a licensed contractor for any work totaling over $500. Determine if a contractor's license is valid by contacting the licensing authority in the contractor's state.