What Qualities Does a Good Dishwasher Have?


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Efficient water jets, improved water filters, adequate capacity and ease of use are some of the key qualities a good dishwasher should have. A quality dishwasher cleans dishes without using too much energy and water.

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What Qualities Does a Good Dishwasher Have?
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The number and the location of water jets on a dishwasher affect its cleaning performance. A dishwasher with a three-tier washing system typically provides good washing results. Additionally, more efficient water jets tend to spray water and detergents over the dishes with ease, and thus use less energy.

Improved water filters help to remove food soils from the water entering the dishwater, thereby allowing for efficient use of detergents and water. This also allows for optimum dish cleaning with minimum water and energy use. A good dishwasher should have an adequate capacity that can accommodate the dishes during the cleaning. An adequate capacity maximizes the cleaning process and ensures the dishes come out spotlessly clean.

A good dishwasher should be easy to use. It should provide for an easy-to-read cycle time display that shows how the cleaning cycle is progressing. Additionally, it should have convenient loading features, such as multiple silverware slots, adjustable racks and fold–down tines to make it easy to fit in irregularly sized dishes or pans.

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